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Most Local Authorities have Planning Policies that require a

specific reduction in carbon dioxide emissions or minimum

amount of energy generation from renewable energy sources.  

In addition there can be a fixed reduction in carbon dioxide

emissions that must be achieved through energy efficiency, and

sometimes there is a preference for combined heat and power

generation or decentralised communal heat networks.


In order to demonstrate compliance with their Planning Policy and

achieve the required permissions, Local Authorities require an

Energy Statement showing the baseline energy demands and

carbon dioxide emissions and the strategy for reducing these in

line with the relevant Planning Policies.


CHB Sustainability have substantial experience with liasing with

Local Authorities and producing successful Energy Statements

throughout the country, with particular experience working with the

London Plan.


Due to our experience and knowledge of building design, building services and renewable energy we can ensure that we produce a clear report to satisfy the Planning Authority along with recomending a technically practical and economically viable strategy for meeting the specific Planning Policy requirements.


In order to provide the best advice within our Energy Statements we always use SBEM or SAP modelling rather than benchmark data to ensure that the scale of renewable energy required is specific to the proposed development rather than out of date figures that can often result in an overspend on renewable energy generating capacity.



Solum Twickenham, London -

Energy Statement for mixed-use


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