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On-site renewable energy generation can reduced

bills and provide an income from Government

financial incentives as well as helping the

environment.  Renewable energy technologies

provide these benefits in full when they are specified

to be appropriate to the site and the building energy



CHB Sustainability provide bespoke Renewable

Energy Feasibility Assessments that are designed to

provide an overview of all the potential renewable

energy technologies that are appropriate for a site's

specific energy resources and the energy needs of

the development.  


Once a shortlist of appropriate technologies has

been formed then we provide a detailed cost, benefit

and risk analysis to provide all the information necessary to choose a renewable energy technology that not only effectively generates useful energy for the building but also offers the best return on investment.


Our experience in Renewable Energy Feasibility Assessments alongside being accredited BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes  assessors means that we are well placed to provide Feasibility Studies that are suitable for the evidence requirements of BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes.


We find that our Clients are frequently choosing to install renewable energy technologies as a financial investment and to isolate themselves from rising energy prices.


CHB Sustainability are experienced in providing tailored Renewable Energy Feasibility Assessments for existing buildings, small-scale and community projects alongside our work on major developments whether mixed-use, commercial or residential.



Senna Green Farm, Cheshire - Installing wood gasification boiler following CHB Sustainability feasibility study

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