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There are many benefits and motivations for designing

new buildings to have very low operational energy demands

and carbon dioxide emissions.  These range from a desire

for low energy bills, reducing environmental impact and

portraying a green 'eco-conscious' image to simply

complying with the ever increasing pressures of Building

Regulations and Planning Legislation.


Whatever the motivation CHB Sustainability have the

experience, qualifications, knowledge and tools to advise

on the most appropriate and cost effective energy efficient

design measures and energy strategy to achieve your goals.


We can provide one-off advice or work closely with the

design team to provide the know-how, computational

modeling, calculations and designs required to minimise

the energy requirements for all type of buildings from a

passive design eco-minimalist dwelling to a high-tech

commercial development.


CHB Sustainability can advise on development layout and orientation to maximise solar gain, calculate U-values and construction details to minimise thermal losses , calculate daylight factors and  provide lighting designs.


Using SAP, SBEM, PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) or full dynamic thermal analysis we can model all types of development proposals and optimise the design in order to reduce energy demand and carbon dioxide emissions whilst maintaining occupant thermal comfort.


Please contact our team to discuss how we can support the design of your low energy building project.



Building Simulation

CHB Sustainability use advanced software to model building energy use

Consultants for a sustainable built environment