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There are many drivers for including renewable

energy and Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies

within the construction of new building developments.  


These include: Local Authority Planning Policy;

BREEAM; Code for Sustainable Homes; Building

Regulations Part L; Feed in Tarrif; Renewable Heat

Incentive; reduced bills; and lifecycle cost benefits.


Whether the driver is due to legislation, environmental

benefits or economic gains CHB Sustainability are able to provide the expertise to ensure that the most appropriate renewable energy or LZC technology is specified to meet the project specific requirements.


Please click on the links below to find out more about our renewable energy  feasibility and outline design services which are designed to provide guidance and information to aid the selection of the most appropriate technology to meet the building specific energy demands using the renewable energy resources available on-site.


CHB Sustainability have experience with providing bespoke renewable energy services on existing domestic and non-domestic sites.  Please contact to discuss the requirements of your project.


CHB Sustainability provide Energy Statements that are specifically designed to demonstrate to Local Authorities that the proposed developments will include renewable energy, decentralised energy and low carbon technologies in order to meet the requirements of the Local Planning Polcy.


We have particular experience with developing Energy Statements to meet the requirements of the London Plan, and can help to design site-wide heat networks and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation.





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