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SAP, the Standard Assessment Procedure, is the official UK tool

for calculating the predicted carbon dioxide emissions due to

heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating and providing hot water to new



The Building Regulations Approved Document Part L1A requires

SAP calculations to be performed on new dwellings and to

demonstrate that the dwelling carbon dioxide emission rate (DER)

is less than the target emission rate (TER), which is based on the

proposed dwelling with a notional specification.


Since the introduction of the Part L 2013 update there is also a

requirement to demonstrate that the Fabric Energy Efficiency (FEE)

is less than the Target Fabric Energy Efficiency (TFEE).  Low

U-values, air permeability and thermal bridges are required to meet

this target.


SAP can also be used to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document Part L1B for extensions, renovations and refurbishments to existing dwellings.


Building Control require a design stage submission of SAP calculations along with a list of the key dwelling specifications.  As-built calculations are required in order for the completed dwelling to be signed off by the Building Control Officer.


CHB Sustainability have experienced and accredited SAP assessors knowledgable in low energy construction and able to provide detailed advice on: Orientation and Layout; U-Values; Construction Details; Fabric Air Permeability; Building Services; and Renewable Energy.


Our experience of Code for Sustainable Homes and Low Energy Building Design means that we are well placed to perform SAP calculations and work closely with clients to ensure that mandatory carbon dioxide emissions reductions for Code Level 5 (zero-regulated emissions) and Code Level 6 (net zero carbon) can be achieved.


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